About TransWestern Capital

The professionals at TransWestern Capital are dedicated to the mission of Providing Financial Strength and Stability to America by helping depository institutions to improve earnings and manage risk through the services and products we provide.

TransWestern Capital is driven by core principles which include Integrity, Transparency, Deeper Insights through Deeper Diligence, and Innovation. The firm was founded in 2005, and has been a leader in the creation and delivery of capital markets and investment banking solutions that have directly contributed to stronger earnings, stronger capital, and the identification and realization of strategic opportunities, ever since.

The firm is managed by its ownership, and is not a subsidiary of a larger institution. Consequently, we remain focused on the needs and interests of our clients, not distant or disconnected stakeholders.

To reach TransWestern Capital, call us at (800) 997-0718, or drop an email to .

Have a prosperous day.

Kendrik de Koning
Founder & Senior Managing Director


TransWestern Capital Advisors, LLC is an SEC-registered Investment Advisor.  Through this platform, TransWestern has created and advises its flagship product, the TransWestern Institutional Short Duration Government Bond Fund (ticker: TWSGX).  In addition, the firm works with select institutions to provide fee-based Investment Portfolio Advisory (“IPA”) services.

TransWestern Capital Markets, LLC is a broker/dealer, through which services such as Fixed Income Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory are effected.